Thursday, November 07, 2002

somewhat happier w/the style of the thing, but my archives have vanished.
okay -- I've hopelessly mangled myself. Starting over.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

I am busily mangling the template code to make my blog look interesting. Is it worth the trouble? You can tell me now, because I've installed a SHOUTOUT. Fuckin A!

Monday, November 04, 2002

Noodling, Pt. II

I. It's raining.

II. I'm sitting halfway in a doorway, under a stack of wrought-iron; a four storey fire escape.

III. Only very occasionally does a raindrop hit me. In fact, these drops probably come via the fire escape, not directly from the sky.

IV. This gets me thinking about raindrops.

V. Do they hit each other on the way down?

V.a. Probably not. The aerodynamics of raindrops probably puts a tiny bernoulli current around each drop, making a jacket of pressurized air that would push the drops apart. Teeny, tiny forces.

V.b. What if a heavy raindrop falls into a lighter one? Is the bernoulli jacket absorbed?

V.c. Do raindrops break up on their way down?

VI. Since I am no good at doing this kind of math in my head, I start thinking in terms of a computer simulation.

VI.a. Design a sim that accurately counts all the masses & forces & does the maths to answer my questions.

VI.b. It would ned to undetand, not only fluid dynamics but transitional states & systems & entropy.

VII. You would simulate the whole world and everything else.

VIII. It would be very slow.

IX. Is this "God-time"?
I'm just noodling around here.

I have this idea that a real crypto-net-guerilla type could profit by the use of crypto-net-guerilla data storage techniques. This is where you store your data in some huge public place like google groups. The data is fundamentally insecure, yet it's so perfectly obscure that it'd be difficult to find. Here's my little explication.

This is old news, right? The cryptonetguerillas are already doing this.
[entry deleted]
Sociological Observation:
Ethnic Groupings of Tiny Female Undergraduates at CUNY Business Schools

I've noticed that very small women of S. or Central American descent can often be seen palling around with very small women of East Asian descent, here at the Baruch College campus. Do they find they have a lot in common? It makes for a great many black pony tails.
Hi, this is saltpeter - it's made of batshit. I have no idea whether any purpose will develop here.

It occured to me that there's something screwy about our number-names between 10-20. 'Teen' obviously means 'ten', so that 'thirteen'='three-and-ten'. But why not 'one-teen' and 'two-teen'? 11 & 12 have such weird names. The only reasonable guess I've been able to make is that 'eleven'='elevated-by-one' and 'twelve'='two-leven'; because of the awkwardness of 'thwelve,' 'sileven' & 'sevleven,' it switches over to 'teen'. Or maybe there's an old base12 counting system hiding in there. I think 'forleven' and 'fileven' sound kind of cool; or it could go to 'elevtrey'. Anyway, who decided what to call these numbers, and why did they stop where they did?

I've also noticed that many Arabic numerals aren't as abstract as I was led to believe in grammar school. It's based on a system of 'thorpes', or points, where '1' has a single thorpe pointing up; '2' has two, pointing left, etc. 6, 7, 8 & 9 could be based on a shorthand where a square or circle meant 'four thorpes', with the distinct marks wearing off over time. The '#' symbol is sometimes called an octothorpe & I've seen it used for '8'.

I used to have a dictionary that showed the evolution of letters; I'll have to look into this more.